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Newton Software’s Big Upgrade About to Hit the Shelves:

From Newton’s blog:

“The final phases on Newton’s huge applicant tracking system upgrade begins this week.

As you are probably aware, we completely rebuilt Newton from the ground-up so that it will work on any desktop, tablet and almost any phone. Next week marks the final step in what has been a massive, almost year-long process.

Almost all of our Admin and Staffing Users have made the transition to Next:Newton weeks ago. Starting on Monday, July 28th we will switch all remaining Standard Users to the newest version of Newton. The upgrade will be automatic. There is nothing new to download or install and no IT support required. Users will not need to be retrained.”


Top ATS Gets Upgrades

Top ATS Gets Upgrades

The newest version of Newton features an updated and modern user interface that will automatically make Newton universally available on any smartphone, tablet, operating system and modern browser without having to download any special apps. 

Prevent a Potential Hiring Lawsuit by Tracking Your Interview Notes

During the process of hiring new employees, it is the duty of the interviewers to take notes and the human resources department to collect and them. Since it is not possible to keep in mind every detail of an interview that took place years earlier, notes can be taken for future reference. Keeping records can also assist an organization in case someone who fails in an interview decides to sue. These notes can be used to demonstrate how the candidate failed to exhibit his or her qualifications. Technology such as an applicant tracking system can be used to track the interview notes.

An applicant tracking system, ATS, is program that makes it easy to electronic recruitment needs. An enterprise or a small business can be able to implement the program depending on its needs. Major corporations normally use the program to handle the numerous job applications that come its way as well as manage the huge volume of resume data. With the help of such a program, a company can analyze and coordinate its recruitment efforts. The conceptual structure that is called human capital can also be better managed.

Resumes and information from applicants can also be managed with the help of such a program. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing can facilitate semantic search capability through cloud-based platforms, allowing companies to sort and score resumes with improved alignment to job descriptions and requirements. Modern applicant tracking systems allow a company to source applicants from its database of previous job applicants.

The benefit of the applicant tracking system is automating the recruitment process. It also gives an organization the ability to track interview notes in an instant. Corporate human resources and staffing agencies can get a suitable solution for their recruitment process. The whole recruitment process can be handled for an organization. The right talent can also be acquired much faster.

A single database can be used to manage all candidates. A company’s hiring efficiency can also be improved through the use of an applicant tracking system. The best decisions can also be made because the recruiters can have the relevant information, even if the interview was conducted years earlier. The program also provides value for money and an organization can save a lot of money when recruiting employees.

Applicant tracking systems can also allow a company to collect more resumes within a shorter time span by publishing job openings in the company website. The hiring process can also get a wider exposure. Email communications with the candidates can be tracked with the help of some of the programs available. Scheduled interviews can be tracked, ensuring that a prospective employer can prepare for an interview well in advance.

Applicant Tracking Software Can Help Your Business Find Talent

Many companies have put a hold on hiring for 2013. Only 25% of small and medium-sized businesses plan to add to their staff. There are a few reasons for this decrease in hiring; employers site decreased demand for products and services, as well as opinions about the current economy for the lowered need for new employees. Whether your business plans to expand the current staff numbers, or you are just looking to replace employees due to normal turn-over and attrition rates, you can benefit from the use of Applicant Tracking Software. This software provides HR professionals with a more efficient way to recruit the best talent and keep them.

Applicant Tracking Software allows HR professionals to place an applicant and their vital details into a computer database. When it’s time to begin the recruiting process, a query can be conducted and only applicants that meet certain qualifications will be returned with the results. This cuts down on hours of perusing applications and resumes. It also ensures that no applicant is overlooked. This software will also help a hiring official “weed out” the applicants that just aren’t right for the position, saving everyone time and hassle.

Once a list of potential candidates has been compiled by the software, it’s time to conduct the interviews. The Applicant Tracking Software can assist with this process, as well. Candidates’ answers to interview questions can be recorded in the database so one candidate can be selected from those interviewed. This will assist the interviewer in choosing the applicant that is best for the position.

After the interviews have been completed and an applicant selected, the software can be useful in several other ways. You can contact applicants when there are openings within your company that fit their experience and skill sets. This can be done via phone or email, and the software can take care of much of this task. You can run a query based on a set of criteria, or contact everyone in the database. The software can also discard the names and information of individuals that just aren’t a good fit for the company.

In the past, HR professionals spent hours poring over applications and resumes, trying to find individuals to interview for open positions. Applicant Tracking Software has lifted much of this burden from their shoulders, allowing them to be more productive and focus on other issues that need their attention. Applicant Tracking Software also allows companies to select only the best workers, decreasing attrition rates and building a stronger workforce. Applicant Tracking Software can save thousands of dollars each year; it’s time to make the investment.


SHRM Social Recruiting Survey Results

SHRM Social Recruiting Survey Results

Really interesting survey via SHRM on social recruiting.


An Applicant Tracking System that Improves the Hiring Process

An Applicant Tracking System that Improves the Hiring Process

When recruiting technology does well what 80% of users do all the time, it truly lives up to it’s potential. More users means more data. More data yields better analytics. Better analytics help employers find bottlenecks and issues before they become bigger problems. Sounds pretty sexy to me.

Evolving HR Tech: The Applicant Tracking System

Computer and internet technologies of all sorts – hardware, software, and assorted systems and services- are continuously evolving. Evolving may not even be the best description, as it leaves theimpression of slow Darwinian sort of change, gradually taking place over a long period of time. The rise of social media platforms is the perfect example of how fast new technologies can come the forefront of society.

Just like in the social media realm, the tecnhologies that are in use in the business realm have also come quite a long way over the last decade. More specifically the hiring process has advanced quite a bit since the days of utilizing a filing cabinet to stoer information on potential hires. Today’s key evololving business & hiring technology is the applicant tracking system.

For a business, making sure that your applicant tracking processes are as up to date as they can be is something you’ll be able to do in a much more cost-effective manner by making smart choices during your initial investment in information management systems. The best applicant tracking systems are designed with the future in mind, because that is the way that you get the maximum value for your money and garner great reputations.

The technicians that engineer applicant tracking systems and other types of specialized business solution oriented systems acknowledge the fast pace of change, particularly in the realm of information management and security, and design them specifically to be able to be upgraded easily and affordably. In the interest of ensuring adaptability to changing business demands and needs, software and system compatibility is also factored into the design of a quality applicant tracking system.

Recruiting of applicants has moved far beyond the old-fashioned means of a help wanted ad in the local newspapers. The recruitment process has even gone past the recently standard online job search sites. Social media figures greatly in the applicant process these days, a trend that experts expect to continue. Applicant tracking systems are continuously adapting to these new trends and incorporating the technologies necessary to streamline the processes associated with this type of applicant recruiting.

Some applicant tracking system manufacturers invest themselves so strongly in staying up todate that they don’t expect their systems to stay static for the lifetime of the product. They offer free upgrades to their clients. Others make low-priced and convenient to install upgrades available to their clients. Quality technical support can help you to determine if your system just needs a few tweaks, perhaps a few changes in the operation options, to achieve optimum performance or if an upgrade is what you need to apply the latest in technology to your particular applicant tracking needs.

Researching before you make that initial applicant tracking system investment is the best way to make sure that you will affordably be able to continuously incorporate improved technology into your system. You may even want to consider a consultation with an expert to help you in the decision making process. Make sure to choose a system that is going to be easy to upgrade and that is compatible with a broad range of software and systems, making future system improvements far less of a technological hassle. If you’re seeking to improve an already existing system, make sure to compare the cost of upgrades with the cost of simply starting fresh with a system built with a fluid future in mind.