Applicant Tracking Software Can Help Your Business Find Talent

Many companies have put a hold on hiring for 2013. Only 25% of small and medium-sized businesses plan to add to their staff. There are a few reasons for this decrease in hiring; employers site decreased demand for products and services, as well as opinions about the current economy for the lowered need for new employees. Whether your business plans to expand the current staff numbers, or you are just looking to replace employees due to normal turn-over and attrition rates, you can benefit from the use of Applicant Tracking Software. This software provides HR professionals with a more efficient way to recruit the best talent and keep them.

Applicant Tracking Software allows HR professionals to place an applicant and their vital details into a computer database. When it’s time to begin the recruiting process, a query can be conducted and only applicants that meet certain qualifications will be returned with the results. This cuts down on hours of perusing applications and resumes. It also ensures that no applicant is overlooked. This software will also help a hiring official “weed out” the applicants that just aren’t right for the position, saving everyone time and hassle.

Once a list of potential candidates has been compiled by the software, it’s time to conduct the interviews. The Applicant Tracking Software can assist with this process, as well. Candidates’ answers to interview questions can be recorded in the database so one candidate can be selected from those interviewed. This will assist the interviewer in choosing the applicant that is best for the position.

After the interviews have been completed and an applicant selected, the software can be useful in several other ways. You can contact applicants when there are openings within your company that fit their experience and skill sets. This can be done via phone or email, and the software can take care of much of this task. You can run a query based on a set of criteria, or contact everyone in the database. The software can also discard the names and information of individuals that just aren’t a good fit for the company.

In the past, HR professionals spent hours poring over applications and resumes, trying to find individuals to interview for open positions. Applicant Tracking Software has lifted much of this burden from their shoulders, allowing them to be more productive and focus on other issues that need their attention. Applicant Tracking Software also allows companies to select only the best workers, decreasing attrition rates and building a stronger workforce. Applicant Tracking Software can save thousands of dollars each year; it’s time to make the investment.


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