Why Mobile Recruiting Software is A Must Have for Human Resource Professionals

As the workforce becomes even more competitive with each passing year, and sometimes thousands of applicants applying for the same job, human resource professionals surely have their work cut out for them. Not only do they need to find the right candidate for the job, but they also need to be able to weed through applications to find candidates whose skills meet the requirements of the job. While human resource professionals have used a plethora of hiring techniques throughout the years, which help them find the right talent for the job, one of the most recent, innovative trends to hit this particular industry is the implementation of mobile recruiting software.

Applicant tracking software makes the entire recruiting and hiring process more streamlined. It provides an easy and hassle free way for employers to review potential candidates via mobile phone or tablet. It also makes it easier for applicants and potential candidates using mobile devices to get in touch with companies and businesses they are interested in working for.

This enables hiring companies to reach a broader audience, and helps to put companies in contact with audiences they normally would not be able to reach. This ultimately means that these businesses are more likely to find the right candidate for the job because they have more of the “right” candidates.

With features such as mobile recruiting available, applicants can log into company websites and fill out applications using mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones. Businesses who implement mobile recruiting applications are not only one-step ahead of the game in regards to innovation, but they also doing something positive for the environment.

In a study performed by Potentialpark, who surveyed more than 30,000 job seekers from all over the world, they analyzed the mobile presence of over 350 of the top employers in the country, in addition to Asia and Europe, and it was discovered that:

  • 57 percent of mobile device users search for jobs using their mobile device
  • 51 percent of mobile device users receive job alerts by SMS or email via their mobile device
  • 39 percent of mobile device users track the status of their job applications via their mobile device
  • 33 percent of mobile device users contact the recruitment team via their mobile device
  • 30 percent of mobile device users apply for jobs using their mobile device

The use of mobile applications such as mobile recruiting is on the rise. In order to find the right candidates for the job, employers need to implement high-tech application tracking software to appeal to a mass audience of mobile device users.


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