Recruiting Software – What it Could Mean to Bringing Talent To Your business

For personnel working in human resources one of the main goals of their job is to hire the very best talent available from a pool of hundreds or even thousands of qualified applicants. In the past, this has meant wading through countless paper or electronic job applications and resumes to find suitable candidates to interview. The process was mind-numbing and time-consuming. It was also frustrating to hand-match applicants to job openings. Ever-advancing computer technology has also touched the HR world, with the advent of Recruiting Softare, also known as Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This software can also be known as Candidate Management System or Candidate Tracking Software. This type of software is becoming increasingly popular, and some estimates show that over 50% of corporations use this type of computer tracking to recruit and hire qualified employees.

Applicant Tracking Software automates the hiring process by allowing an employer to load job data with experience and qualifications required for each particular job opening. Personnel who handle recruitment and hiring of qualified candidates then upload each candidate’s credentials in the system to identify the prospects with the best potential for the specific job. The software also electronically screens resumes, and can perform a variety of other tasks, including but not limited to customizable forms, pre-screening questionnaires and response tracking, and application scanning.

Not only can recruiting softare help you identify qualified candidates when you are filling a job position externally, it can also assist with in-house recruiting. It can help you target job announcements to only candidates that have been pre-screened and are determined to be qualified for a position. The software can scan the qualifications of individuals already on staff and choose the ones that meet the requirements for the position. The software can then send an automated email to these individuals letting them know of the job opening and inviting them to apply if they are interested.

Just like other computer software, recruiting softare offers a variety of options and features, which also affect the price of the software. However, price should not be the only determining factor when shopping for this type of software for your organization. You should also take into account the different features offered and the ability to customize the software for your company’s specific hiring needs.

Applicant Tracking Software is a must-have for any company, no matter the size. This software provides the simplest, easiest way to recruit and hire only the most-qualified personnel for the job.


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