What is Job Applicant Tracking Software?

The days when the hiring process consisted of organizing resumes in manila folders have almost entirely become a thing of the past; many companies find the majority of their new applicants online, either through an application page on their own website or through job posting sites like Monster and Career Builder. This has the obvious benefit of allowing companies access to a much wider pool of talent, but at the price of needing to process a significantly higher number of applications. For these businesses, applicant management software has become, not just a useful option, but also an outright necessity.


In today’s hiring market, a job opportunity with general qualifications posted in a major city can yield several hundred applicants in a single day. Few companies want to invest the manpower hours of their human resources department to sift through each of those applications manually to find the most qualified candidates. Applicant management software quickly and efficiently separates out the highly qualified applicants from the rest, allowing the company to concentrate their HR efforts on the most suitable candidates for the position.


Applicant management software not only filters out less qualified applicants, but it enables companies to reach out to the best available talent. Many applicant tracking software providers are partnered with one of the major job board websites, pairing up a company’s job postings with qualified candidates from anywhere in the world with resumes posted on those websites and bringing them to the hiring manager’s attention.


Even after the unqualified applicants are sifted out, there generally remains a high volume of talent remaining; a good applicant management program sorts and organizes applicant data for easy reference. It should also store and track applicant history, so if a similar position opens up within the same company, there is a group of qualified job-seekers already on file, making the candidate selection process much easier.


Diversity is an important part of creating a productive workforce, fostering a healthy and welcoming working environment and opening a company up to a broader range of ideas. In addition, the complex of employment law often adds another layer to the selection process. Application management software can track various details of applicant data, helping a business to ensure that its hiring practices remain in compliance with the law and promote a diverse and successful workforce.


Many applicant tracking programs operate on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, meaning that no downloads or installations are necessary in order to operate the software. In addition to the obvious benefits of keeping hard drives clear and avoiding the hassles of periodic updates, the important benefit of this model is that the applicant management software is available from any computer, whether a human resources manager is at his desk in the office, at home, or on the road. This convenience also allows multiple HR professionals to collaborate and consult with one another about candidate selection.


In a business climate wherein qualified applicants far outnumber available jobs, applicant management software is a necessity.



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