Job Applicant Tracking for Software Engineers

According to almost every job desirability survey conducted in recent years, the most sought after position in the job market is that of software engineer. More kids are going to school to learn coding and programming than ever before, and why not? Our world is growing rapidly due to social and business interaction on the Internet. New mobile apps are being developed every day to give us all of life’s needs and wants at the touch of a button. What young person fresh out of college wouldn’t want to be involved in something like that?


The question for you the business owner is, “Can your current recruitment tracking system handle the volume of applicants you’re getting when you’re recruiting software engineers?”  More importantly, can your applicant tracking distinguish between the “real” engineers and those who are simply pretenders who’ve taken a few courses? The time to get the answer to these questions is not after you’ve brought a new engineer inside your firewall and set him up to write code. You need to know before that point whether or not a candidate can do the job.


The top applicant tracking systems on the market today can be customized to your individual needs. With a high volume position like software engineer, you’ll receive hundreds of resumes, most of them not even close to what you’re looking for. The number of engineer applicants is astronomical; the number of actually qualified candidates will be less than ten percent of what comes in. Are you going to sort them by hand? You might go that route after you’ve weeded out the wannabe’s and pretenders, but how do you get to that point? Job applicant tracking systems should be able to do it for you, but you need to tell them what to look for.


Make a list of the qualifications you’re looking for in a software engineer. Be sure to include any programming languages they’re going to be working in and eliminate anyone who doesn’t have those skills but puts “willing to learn” on their application. Online recruiting software can be programmed to discard applications with specific buzzwords. If someone is applying for a software engineer position and using the words “willing to learn” in their cover letter or resume, send them to the bottom of the pile. Learning happens in school. Don’t take a chance on a novice when it comes to your platform or app development. That road is almost always fatal to a technology company. Find someone who knows what they’re doing.


How many times do you think you’ll be looking to fill this same position? Sadly, the really good engineers tend to be better at short-term projects than they are at sticking with one company for multiple years. Use your recruiting software to check time periods of previous employment of you’re looking for a long term engineer and be sure to check references if you want a short term project coder or developer. There’s a lot to look at when recruiting, so make sure your recruiting software is up to date and be sure to leave the door open for your second and third choice to come aboard at some point. You can never have enough engineering support.



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