Newton’s Applicant Tracking Software

Newton Applicant Tracking Software

Back when IBM was referred to as International Business Machines, they would fill up an entire office floor of computers just to handle the most basic of computations. Now all that power and much more can be carried around in your cell phone. On some level, the same advancements have been made in the  recruiting sector. There was a time when it would take several file cabinets to hold the paperwork of various applicants for any given position. Add to that the numerous work hours needed to sift through even a simple hiring project and it’s easy to see how recruitment was associated with a bog down of efficiency.

The days of old are gone –  with Newton Software, the applicant tracking process has never been easier or more efficient.  Whether you’re running your own in-house recruiting program or you are a recruitment process outsourcing company, you’ll be able to access a state of the art applicant tracking program from anywhere in the world.

Newton Software has long been the leader in developing smart recruiting software that is extremely adaptable no matter how big or small a  company’s needs are. Of course every hiring process starts with the solicitation of qualified talent.

As the resumes start to come into your Newton applicant tracking program, you’ll be able to instantly sort through them and select the most qualified applicants. With Newton Software, you’ll be building a complete database of all your potential hires. This recruitment database can be categorized in the manner that best suits your company’s specific needs.

Following up is key to any successful business and that’s the same in the recruiting arena. With Newton’s Applicant Tracking Software, you can customize a series of e-mail drafts that will let you send out requests for interviews or a polite “thank you for your interest” response. It’s this level of professional courtesy that will help you generate a positive response for your efforts.

Today, running a successful hiring process also means having the ability to launch a careers site across a variety hiring portals. Newton’s Applicant Tracking Software helps you manage and control your customized careers site without the need of any IT support.

With Newton, you’ll also be able to incorporate real-time analytics with the talent information you’ll be gathering and assimilating.  This can help you make sure that your can continue to make your hiring process more efficient.  Nowadays, you’ll also need to make sure your company is in compliance with EEOC/OFCCP guidelines.  This requires thinking ahead and gathering the correct information so when the time comes to file you’ll be ready.  Newton’s Applicant Tracking Software makes sure that EEOC compliance is an integral part of your hiring database.

Software is no good to you if it’s hard to setup or manage on an everyday basis. With Newton’s Applicant Tracking software you can be setup and operational in no time. There is no excessive training needed because the interface is extremely user-friendly.  The day to day operations of the software are a breeze.

Your goal is to find the most qualified talent for any given position without having the hassles associated with hiring back in the day.  That’s what Newton Applicant Tracking software is all about: competent management of the applicant process to provide you with the best hires.  And if you’re hiring the best, shouldn’t you be at your best?


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