Business Resolutions for 2010

So 2010 is almost here.  Just as individuals make New Year’s resolutions – lose some weight, spend more time with the kids, finally clean out that part of the cellar – companies across a variety of industries also make resolutions for the New Year.  This New Year is especially symbolic as the recession’s clouds begin to part and we can begin to see some sunshine.

As companies take this opportunity to get back on track, management is sure to make a number of decisions for the New Year.  I’d like to take a moment to scope out some of these potential business resolutions that could benefit an organization going into the new decade.

Keep Things Trim : The recession may have hurt, but it also showed many businesses how to run a bit leaner.  Some of these lessons learned may not only apply during a recession.  Try and glean some of the more efficient tactics from the downturn and apply them to a regular year in business.   The best business officers should always be looking for places to cut costs.

Circle Back: Many ‘deals’ of 2009 may have fallen through due to the survival of the fittest conditions that companies faced throughout the year.  Whether you were trying to close a sale or create a partnership, circle back and reach out to some potential contacts from 2009.  These people may be more willing to listen to your pitch now that they’re out of the fire.

Think Re-branding : Think about your target market’s view of your company going into a new decade.  Are you still relevant?  Has your target market changed – is it younger or older?  If so, how can you re-brand your company to reach out to these people?  Re-branding doesn’t always mean hiring an expensive marketing firm, it simply requires logical and creative thinking combined with a bit of elbow grease.

Hire Intelligently: There are certain positions  and people within a company that are absolutely integral, and 2009 has allowed these people to stand out.  Your company needs to continue to attract this type of key talent, people that fit perfectly into a given role and make your business that much more successful.

So how do you intelligently hire?  A cost efficient way is to utilize cutting edge applicant tracking software.   Many modern day hiring solutions offer simple yet incredibly efficient ways to improve your company’s hiring process by providing features like analytics, collaborative tools and automated job board posting.

Reward Your Employees: After a tough year that saw far fewer company parties and perks, let your employees know that you are glad to have them on-board by giving back.  In 2010, it will be well worth the cost to reward employees every so often with perks that let them know they are appreciated.  Whether it be a new espresso machine in the office or a outing to wine country, employees could surely benefit with a bit of relaxation after the grind of 2009.


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