Top 5 Analytics Software Solutions

Humanity’s true advantage over any other species is our ability to build on past information.  We have a keen sense of observation to determine how the world around us works, and we possess language to record and pass on those observations.   Thousands of years of compiled information in  mathematics, science,  architecture and engineering has steadily advanced cultures around the world.

When simplified, much of this observation, trial-and-error and progress boils down to one word – Analytics.   Our ability to analyze past records and utilize the resulting statics  has been paramount to our species’ progress.   In a sense, analytics has existed since our modest beginnings, sitting around a cave fire:   “Note to self.  Eating rotting meat does not bode well for digestion. I will tell Grok of my findings. Next time, we won’t eat rotting meat.”

Today, analytics has progressed to a technological art form built on decades of information compiled into networks of computer databases.  Cutting-edge computer software allows massive amounts of information to be analyzed, compared and directed towards executing a strategic ‘next step’ in a fraction of a second.   Governments, economies and industries sway to the beat of analytics to determine their next logical step.

There are a number of analytics software solutions today that specialize in a variety of industries.  I’d like to highlight five great solutions below, each pertaining to a different industry.  Feel free to add to the list with any other top-notch analytics software that you know of.

google analytics lgoo1.  Google Analytics:  Google is the king of analytics with its easy-to-install, in-depth and widely used online software package.  Google Analytics allows a web site creator to easily track their site’s statistics :  from basics like average visitors and time on site to more specific stats like browser-type and geographic breakup.  Any webmaster that doesn’t have Google Analytics installed might as well be sitting by the fire eating rotting meat.

mint2. : Mint is a user friendly personal finance application that lets you download, categorize, and graph all of your finances on a day-by-day basis.   The site offers seamless analytics: from graphs that project what your savings will be in 6 months to comparison charts that determine whether you are spending more than the average person on coffee.  A must have for anyone that needs help during this economic downturn to track and curb their spending habits.

new logo3.  Newton Software: Newton is an intuitive online recruiting software solution that allows a company to manage and track hiring, announce job openings and review resumes.  One if its best features is a cutting-edge analytics module that allows a business to easily evaluate its recruiting program:  from pinpointing bottlenecks to determining the average speed of hiring.   It enables a company to view their hiring and applicant management from either a birds-eye-view or from the lens of a microscope.     Newton is essential for any business that wants to improve their recruiting process.

tube mogul4. TubeMogul is a nifty web 2.0 site that allows you to upload your user-generated video content to multiple  sites in one fell blow (YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Revver, Brightcove, and many more).  Its most impressive feature is an extensive analytics suite that lets you track various statistics across multiple sites, including view minutes, viewer attention, per-stream quality and syndication tracking.  In-depth viewership statistics is an invaluable feature for companies that are trying to virally spread their brand message.

etrade5.  Power E-Trade Pro: E-Trade’s Power Pro Online Stock Trading software enables even the most savvy investor to improve their performance by utilizing a well-crafted analytics suite.  The analytics includes advanced charting features, unlimited customization, and a range of technical studies to help capitalize on every potential market opportunity.


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