Chicken Soup for the Soul: Tips in Recruitment

I recently came across this very insightful article on applicant management, tracking, and recruiting.

From Article Base, by Oz Free – Jobs:

Decades ago, employees would just stick on their shops “Hiring,” and choose employees from the hundreds who attempted to apply. That was the old recruitment pattern. Employment process before was not that fast track, snappy and highly technological. Only when the revolutionized techy world existed that recruitment went in a different process.

Recruitment is a very tiring yet exciting process. Tiring for an employer since hundreds of applicants wishing to be recruited walks in for an interview. The stressful part of it is gouging which is right. While it may be negatively taken as a tiresome activity, recruitment in one sense it makes it exciting and challenging. Meeting people challenges both the capability to think and analyze. Different personalities and behaviors can be observed.

With over millions of hunters searching for a fresh meat in the employment market, how will an employer choose the best hunter?

Try this best shots and catch for the best job hunter.

Tip 1

Informations, from resumes to applications must be placed in a database. This can help in the recruitment process, by allowing to retrieve pertinent data just by entered a keyword. Easy! This unloads the burden in recruitment process. There is no need to pull out from the boxes and take five hours looking just for one record. With the database, everything you need a can be accessed instantly. Keeping this records filed is at times very useful for reference purposes. By looking at the database, applicants who are shortlisted can be called in case the choices were in a no-show or no-call. The maximum years to keep the records would at least for five years. References would matter from time to time.

Tip 2

While in recruitment, every applicant woes, sometimes there are too good to be true. Contact references written on the face of the resume or application form is vital. It is best that before undergoing the process of recruitment, requiring the applicants to provide for references can be helpful.

When references are supplied, you can call on each for verification. The mere interest on the applicants does not alter the importance of having the reference. The latter can serve as an important link in the future. Some references can be future partners or some would probably be the best prospects for future job recruitment.

Tip 3

Get in touch with the data periodically. With the systematized data collection, news, updates and informations can be sent to applicants in a speedier and more systematized manner. It is easy to inform them whether they got the job or they failed in the recruitment process, in case call is not successful. For sure, you would not want your recruitment process be the talked of the town because of inadequacies. It even makes recruitment formal.

Tip 4

In advertising your recruitment, the Internet is a good choice. Employed and unemployed, the web reaches both. Getting a wide range of market is positive. With millions of searchers going online, the best potential candidate might be one of them on the look for a job. Great ad would be a nice strategy to lure them. It is one way to sell your company and attract applicants.

Tip 5

Since job listing would make you one step closer to a good recruitment deal, the need to let the applicant know what is expected from them is great. An ad that would be appealing catches good fish.

Tip 6

An effective job recruitment process not only is the process of hiring the best applicant. When good people shift from their job to yours, you are selling good career opportunities This can be an avenue for a healthier and more successful start of professional development for both. The next time that recruitment takes place, it would be easier to sell opportunities based from the experience.

Tip 7

It is not bad to post on different sites and different categories. The more job listings you have the more chances of getting the best. Searchers sometimes shift from one site to another without browsing the rest. If the job is listed in not just one site, the more opportunities for recruitment to take place.

Tip 8

Try creating a website. This can make your recruitment standout. When applicants learns that you’ve got all the aces. They will surely be walking towards your doorstep wanting to be recruited.


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